Disease Prevention for Vegetable Growers with AOMMA-Agro!

Agri-Organic announces a third party investigation using AOMMA-Agro with the Ohio State University in Wooster, OH. After a year of trials under the supervision of Dr. Sally Miller, Professor, Vegetable Pathology, Diagnostics, International Development, President, American Phytopathological Society for a series of replicated trials evaluating use of a AOMMA-Agro an organic mineral plant supplement from Agri-Organic in the mitigation of tomato bacterial canker caused by Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis and as a plant growth promoter and yield enhancer.

The trial looked at total marketable fruit yield, fruit quality, shelf life, and the mitigation of tomato bacterial canker caused by Clavibacter michiganenisis.  Foliar applications of AOMMA-Agro were applied at a dilution of 1:50. Plants were sprayed every week or every two weeks depending on the treatment applied.

AOMMA-Agro organic mineral nutrient supplement increases production and fruit quality, and increases the plants immunity to tomato bacterial canker caused by Clavibacter michiganenisis by providing plants with broad and balanced nutrition which optimizes the plants immune system.

Supplying a fertility program complete with crucial micronutrients, in the correct forms, allows tomato plants to fully express their genetic potential in yield, fruit quality and disease resistance.

Download AOMMA-Agro OSU Results
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