Soil Biology is the Key to Sustainable Agriculture!

The most common question we are asked throughout all the Americas were we work in is when customers are making the transition to a regenerative farming model is where or how we begin? In today’s agriculture there are all these options of tillage tools, cover crops, dry and liquid fertilizers, and biological inoculants in the marketplace, along with the pressures of harvest and preparations for the next planting. The simplest approach works best in  post-harvest or during the winter depending on your geographical area. 

The easiest step towards regenerative farming is the start of balancing soil minerals and stimulating the soil biology are the most important steps towards successful biological farming.  Soil testing is the most successful tool to check the levels of soil minerals along understanding the cation exchange capacity your soils contain which will assist in designing a long term plan to bring all the important macro and micro nutrients into balance which will optimize your soil conditions for the microbial life to thrive.

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