Assisting Avocado Plants to Reach Peak Plant Immunity so they can fight their Own Battles

In the past three years Devon Vorderburg  has shown top avocado growers in the Americas how they can turn a failing farm into a Profitable High Production Farm through lowering inputs and eliminating Insecticides and Fungicides. Devon has stated  “There is always fear and chaos is always involved when growers use a reactive approach of "let’s throw a chemical on it mentality" he explained to Colombian Avocado growers. Devon is an American expert, representing Agri-Organic of Panama, on high-production sustainable agriculture who is highly respected in Colombian Agriculture and had recently spoken to farmers in Antioquia about alternative methods to control disease and insects. 

In Orchards across the Americas an unseen battle plays itself out every year. Alternaría – botrytis spore lands on avocado orchards. The fungus inadvertently releases its signature protein, its natural calling card. Foliar receptors on the avocado leaves picks up this calling card and bind to the signature protein, setting off a cascade of biochemical responses. One of the responses is the formation of a flavonoid called stilbene. The function of the stilbene is to block the destructive enzyme. The Botrytis fungus releases to damage the cell walls of the fruit.

Natural defense systems

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Soil Biology is the Key to Sustainable Agriculture!

The most common question we are asked throughout all the Americas were we work in is when customers are making the transition to a regenerative farming model is where or how we begin? In today’s agriculture there are all these options of tillage tools, cover crops, dry and liquid fertilizers, and biological inoculants in the marketplace, along with the pressures of harvest and preparations for the next planting. The simplest approach works best in  post-harvest or during the winter depending on your geographical area. 

The easiest step towards regenerative farming is the start of balancing soil minerals and stimulating the soil biology are the most important steps towards successful biological farming.  Soil testing is the most successful tool to check the levels of soil minerals along understanding the cation exchange capacity your soils contain which will assist in designing a long term plan to bring all the important macro and micro nutrients into balance which will optimize your soil conditions for the microbial life to thrive.

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Disease Prevention for Vegetable Growers with AOMMA-Agro!

Agri-Organic announces a third party investigation using AOMMA-Agro with the Ohio State University in Wooster, OH. After a year of trials under the supervision of Dr. Sally Miller, Professor, Vegetable Pathology, Diagnostics, International Development, President, American Phytopathological Society for a series of replicated trials evaluating use of a AOMMA-Agro an organic mineral plant supplement from Agri-Organic in the mitigation of tomato bacterial canker caused by Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis and as a plant growth promoter and yield enhancer.

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Scientists from Plant Breeding and Genetics Laboratory in Seibersdorf, Austria, and at the Austrian University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Universität für Bodenkultur Wien) want us to believe our coffee rust problems are due to low genetic diversity among cultivated plants in the Arabica variety. These geneticist say that the use of Plant Mutation Breeding can speed up the process of introducing changes to plants genetic make- up which will be the solution to fungal diseases like coffee leaf rust, and they will rapidly overcome natural plant resistance. These geneticist also stated “Plant mutation breeding is a fast way to develop improved crops with new and useful traits. They also mentioned that this method also offers a widely accepted, economical and environmentally sustainable approach to protect yield and ensure adequate quantities of pesticide-free crops.”

This is just another “silver bullet” for agriculture. Geneticists and farmers are constantly looking for the next CURE ALL SOLUTION like western medicine and the pharma industry use pills as the answer.

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La Agricultura Regenerativa

Se define a la agricultura regenerativa como una visión sistémica de la producción agrícola que usa como guía los procesos naturales para incrementar la producción. Esto quiere decir que la agricultura regenerativa es una forma por la cual el hombre puede practicar la agricultura acercándose en lo posible a los procesos que ocurren espontáneamente en la naturaleza. Este acercamiento presupone el uso adecuado de los recursos naturales.

Podemos ver a la agricultura regenerativa como una propuesta alternativa a la agricultura convencional o agroquímica. En la agricultura convencional el cultivo se alimenta mediante fertilizantes químicos y compuestos hormonales sintéticos que aplicados al follaje o al suelo van a ser absorbidos inmediatamente. Estas medidas solamente substituyen los nutrientes sacados por las cosechas y no mejoran las condiciones del suelo a largo plazo. Los insectos plagas, las enfermedades y hierbas se controlan utilizando plaguicidas sintéticos (insecticidas, fungicidas, herbicidas, etc.).

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